These are links to well drilling sites.  While they may not be oriented towards home drillers like us, the techniqes they employ can frequently be adopted for our use.  If you have a link you think I should list here, please send it to me at [email protected]

Pumps and Tanks  This is Bob Tabor's site.  He is a pump expert.  Whether it is suction pumps, jet pumps or submersible pumps, you can get any questions you have about pumps answered on his forums.  He prefers you ask questions on his forum instead of emailing him directly so the answer will be posted for others to utilize.

Water Well Drilling   Billed as "The official resource for water wells information,"  this site contains information for contractors and homeowners alike.

Drillcat  Interesting selection of small well drilling rigs.   I am using a small mud pump from drillcat.  It is great.  I have not tried one of their drilling rigs but they certainly seem very impressive.  Their information on swivels and drillpipe, in particular, is spot on.    


Drilling a Water Well on Your Land:  What You Should Know  Very informative page from the Kansas Geological Survey.  Explains ground water systems and how water moves underground.

Mother Earth News  Interesting article about do-it-yourself well drilling and driving wellpoints. 

Private Drinking Water Wells   This is the EPAs page on private wells. 

Digging and Developing Your own Water Well  Interesting page from Apple Valley Drilling on how to drill your own well.

A layman's guide to clean water   Description of various well drilling techniques.

 USGS Ground Science School   A page on the science of groundwater and wells.

Well Drilling School   This is an online well drilling school.

Groundwater Foundation   The Groundwater Foundation's Education page.

Apple Valley Well Drilling  Interesting article about drilling your own well.   Posted by real well drillers who know what they are talking about!

Manual Water Well Drilling  This site provides an instruction manual as well as supplemental information pertaining to a simple and inexpensive procedure for manually drilled water wells.





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